This year’s 15th Annual ARCS Conference took place on June 2–5, 2023 on the University of Virginia’s DC campus. Chaired by Mike Lenox (ARCS Steering Committee member and former ARCS President), the conference featured 47 paper presentations and research sketches. Moreover, 19 PhD students from around the world participated in the PhD workshop and received feedback on their research projects. One of the highlights of this year’s conference was the recognition of the 2023 ARCS Emerging Sustainability Scholar and the 2023 ARCS Best Conference Paper.

The ARCS Emerging Sustainability Scholar Award recognizes a scholar in the area of corporate sustainability, who is likely to make significant contributions to the advancement of corporate sustainability scholarship. The award is granted in recognition of a scholar’s existing body of research and in anticipation of future work. Recipients provide rigorous and salient contributions that cross disciplinary and national boundaries. This year, Aline Gatignon (Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School) was recognized as the 2023 ARCS Emerging Sustainability Scholar for her scholarship. Her work explores how firms can collaborate with governments and non-profit organizations to address the world’s most pressing socio-environmental and economic problems, with a focus on emerging markets.

The ARCS Best Paper Award is based on the research paper’s potential impact on management practice and rigor of analysis. This year’s ARCS Best Paper Award winner is the study “Community Protest, Violence, and Business Support for a Social Activist Cause: Evidence from the Black Lives Matter Movement” co-authored by Mark DesJardine (Dartmouth College), Muhan Zhang (Pennsylvania State University), and Forrest Briscoe (Pennsylvania State University).

Heartfelt congratulations to the 2023 ARCS Emerging Sustainability Scholar and the 2023 ARCS Best Conference Paper Award Winners!

The ARCS extends its gratitude and thanks to all those who actively contributed and engaged with the ARCS’ various activities throughout the year. We look forward to seeing everyone at the virtual ARCS Seminar Series 2023/24, the Ivey/ARCS PhD Sustainability Academy hosted by Ivey (Oct 19–22,2023), and the 16th Annual ARCS Conferencehosted by UCLA (June 2–5, 2024).

Caroline Flammer
ARCS President