Year Award Paper Author (Institution)
2016 Outstanding Paper

Executive Compensation and Misconduct: Environmental Harm PDF

  • Dylan Minor (Northwestern University)
2016 Outstanding Paper

Substantive Implementation with Symbolic Silence: The Strategic Publication of Certification Status PDF

  • Chad Carlos (Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University)
  • Ben Lewis (Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University)
2016 Outstanding Paper

A Model of Organizational Symbolism: Understanding the Different Shades of Green

  • Rodolphe Durand (HEC Paris)
  • Olga Hawn (Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina)
  • Ioannis Ioannou (Erasmus School of Management, Rotterdam University)
2016 People's Choice

Precautionary Federalism and the Sharing Economy PDF

  • Sarah E. Light (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
2016 People's Choice

External Market Threats and Entrepreneurial Collective Action in the Emergent U.S. Wood Pellet Industry PDF

  • Shon Hiatt (University of Southern California)
  • Sangchan Park (KAIST)
2016 People's Choice

Corporate Sustainability Metrics: What Investors Need and Don’t Get PDF

  • Daniel C. Esty (Yale University)
  • Todd Cort (Yale School of Management)
2015 Outstanding Paper

Monitoring Global Supply Chains PDF

  • Jodi Short (UC Hastings)
  • Mike Toffel (Harvard Business School)
  • Andrea Hugill (Harvard Business School)
2015 Outstanding Paper

Social Perception Microfoundations of Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility PDF

  • Catherine Shea (Northwestern)
  • Olga Hawn (Boston University)
2015 Outstanding Paper

A Market-Based Framework for Quantifying Displaced Production from Recycling or Reuse PDF

  • Trevor Zink (Loyola Marymount)
  • Roland Geyer (UCSB)
  • Richard Startz (UCSB)
2015 People's Choice

Hidden Badge of Honor: How Contextual Distinctiveness Affects Category Promotion Among Certified B Corporations PDF

  • Joel Gehman (University of Alberta)
  • Matthew Grimes (University of Alberta)
2015 People's Choice

The Dynamics of Consumer Behavior: Novelty and Framing Effects PDF

  • Omar I. Asensio (UCLA)
  • Magali A. Delmas (UCLA)
2015 Outstanding Paper

Under Pressure: The Causal Effect of Financial Analyst Coverage on Long-Term Capital Investments PDF

  • Mark DesJardine (Ivey )
2014 Outstanding Paper

Market mediators and the tradeoffs of legitimacy-seeking behaviors in a nascent category PDF

  • Brandon Lee (Melbourne Business School)
  • Shon Hiatt (Harvard)
  • Mike Lounsbury (U. of Alberta)
2014 Outstanding Paper

Perceived egregiousness and boycott intensity: Evidence from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill PDF

  • Zhongmin Wang (Resources for the Future)
  • Alvin Lee (Deakin)
  • Michael Polonsky (Deakin)
2014 Outstanding Paper

Time to come clean? Disclosure and inspection policies for green production PDF

  • Sang Kim (Yale)
2014 Outstanding Paper

Public safety announcements: how the threat of media coverage affects workplace regulatory compliance PDF

  • Matthew Johnson (Boston U.)
2014 Outstanding Paper

Is there a cost to joining a “free” voluntary program? The role of stakeholder scrutiny PDF

  • Susan Kayser (Indiana)
  • Michael Toffel (Harvard)
  • John Maxwell (Indiana)
2014 Outstanding Paper

The market for corporate social responsibility (CSR): How industry structure determines CSR PDF

  • Olga Hawn (Boston)
  • Hyoung-Goo Kang (Hanyang)
2014 People's Choice

An exploratory analysis of cultural vulnerability and opportunity exploitation in Marcellus Shale drilling

  • Joel Gehman (U. of Alberta)
  • Dror Etzion (McGill)
2014 People's Choice

A dynamic process model of contentious politics: Activist targeting and corporate receptivity to social challenges PDF

  • Mary-Hunter McDonnell (Georgetown)
  • Brayden King (Kellogg)
  • Sarah Soule (Stanford)
2014 People's Choice

Can firms pay less and get more…by doing good? Field experimental evidence of the effect of corporate social responsibility on employee salary requirements and performance PDF

  • Vanessa Burbano (UCLA)

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