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9th Annual ARCS Research Conference

June 1416, 2017
Hosted by the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University

9th Annual Ivey/ARCS PhD Sustainability Academy

September 2225, 2016
Hosted by the Ivey Business School at Western University

8th Annual ARCS Research Conference

May 1820, 2016
Hosted by the Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado, Boulder

Trump has a great opportunity to save our environment

President Donald Trump has announced that he will work to roll back environmental laws and regulations with the hope of improving the U.S. economy and standard of living. We feel compelled to report that such an attempt is likely to backfire. Environmental regulations have provided enormous benefits to U.S. citizens…

8th Annual ARCS Research Conference at the Leeds School of Business

The 8th Annual ARCS Research Conference was hosted by the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder from May 18-20, 2016. The Conference Chair was Jeffrey York,  Assistant Professor  of Management and Entrepreneurship. The conference brought together 80 scholars, students and practitioners from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives interested in advancing research on…

Who’s Responsible? The Ethics of the Sharing Economy

Should the responsibilities of “sharing economy” giants like Uber and airbnb, differ from those of traditional companies? In July 2016, a West Hollywood rape victim sued Uber Technologies over allegations the ride-hailing company—which pitches itself as “the safest ride on the road”—had been negligent in conducting background checks of its drivers. It was not the…

Trump Puts Business Values to the Test

CEOs have stood up to oppose Trump’s immigration ban, will they show the same commitment to the environment? Environmental regulations make common sense. Laws which ensure sustainable development, taking into consideration the needs of both present and future generations, bring benefits not only to the environment but to the economy as a whole. With recent…

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