Online Seminar Series

In lieu of this year’s conference, ARCS will be hosting a series of online seminars on April 24-June 26, 2020.

During these sessions, you’ll hear from ARCS community members who will present current research papers.
The seminars will encompass a wide variety of corporate-sustainability topics.


April 24 – Moderator: Thomas Lyon, University of Michigan 

Evidence on Social And Financial Performance: Mapping the Empirical Garden of Forking Paths
Presenters: Luca Berchicci, Erasmus University and Andrew King, Boston University  

When and Why Do Organizations Respond to Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues?
Presenter: Olga Hawn, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill  


May 1 – Moderator: Anne Jacqueminet, Bocconi  University

When Opposites Detract from Cross-Sector Collaboration: An Empirical Analysis of CSR Implementation after the 2013 Reform to the India Companies Act
Presenters: Aline Gatignon, University of Pennsylvania and Christiane Bode, Imperial College London  

Rewarding the Extremes: Market Reaction to U.S. Corporations’ LGBTQ Positions
Presenter: Aharon Cohen-Mohliver, London Business School   


May 8 – Moderator: Frank Wijen, Erasmus  University

The Inclusion Illusion: Firms’ Capabilities and Their Commitment to Serve the Poor
Presenter: Leandro Pongeluppe, University of Toronto

UN PRI signatories’ ethics: Serious ethical first movers vs. late free riders
Presenter: Tobias Bauckloh, University Kassel


May 15 – Moderator: Chien-Ming Chen, Nanyang Technological University

Competition Intensity, Stakeholder Voice and Environmental Irresponsibility
Presenter: Punit Arora, The City University of New York  

Corporate Governance and Social Impact of Non-Profits: Evidence from a Randomized Program in Healthcare in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Presenter: Caroline Flammer, Boston University  


May 22 – Moderator: John Maxwell, Indiana University

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Lobbying: Explaining the influence of soft law institutions on hard law preferences
Presenter: Onna Malou van den Broek, King’s College

Is What’s Good for Business Also Good for the Market? Pro-Business and Pro-Market Policy Dynamics
Presenter: Brian Richter, University of Texas at Austin   


May 29 – Moderator: Michael Barnett, Rutgers University  

Science-Based Carbon Emissions Targets
Presenter: Jody Grewal, University of Toronto  

Frenemies: When Firms and Activists Collaborate
Presenter: Kate Odziemkowska, Rice University  


June 5 – Moderator: Olga Hawn, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Monitoring the Monitors in a Global Supply Chain: Independence, Reputational Spillovers, and Quality
Presenter: Ashley Palmarozzo, Harvard University  

CSR and the Rise of Sustainability in Buyer-Supplier Relationships
Presenter: Leandro Nardi, Insper Institute of Education and Research


June 12 – Moderator: Lin Lerpold, Stockholm School of Economics

Just Old, or from Another Era? The Multifaceted Effect of CEO Age on Firm Social and Environmental Practices

Presenter: Georg Wernicke, HEC Paris

Towards supply chain transparency: Examining structure and disclosure in extended supply chains

Presenter: Jury Gualandris, Western University  


June 19 – Moderator: Michael Toffel, Harvard University  

Strategic Contingencies of CSR: Organization-Level vs. Product-Level Social Responsibility
Presenter: Vanessa Burbano, Columbia University

Gender inequity and green product stereotypes in sustainable consumer behavior
Presenter: Siv Skard, Norwegian School of Economics


June 26 – Moderator: Thomas Lyon, University of Michigan  

ARCS 2020 Emerging Sustainability Scholar will be Announced

Orchestration Coordination between Humanitarian Organizations
Presenter: Lea Rüsch, Kühen Logistics University

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