13th Annual ARCS Research Conference

As we get closer to the conference, we want to keep you informed as best as possible. Please continue to check the conference webpage, as well as our LinkedIn and Twitter pages for information.

Anita McGahan Virtual Seminar

University of Toronto Privacy at What Cost? Using Electronic Medical Records to Recover Lapsed Patients Into HIV Care Abstract We show that Malawian healthcare staff save lives by tracking down HIV patients lapsed from care – even against their wishes – using data made accessible with the implementation of an electronic medical records (EMR) system. […]

Bell Piyasinchai Virtual Seminar


University of Cambridge Best Paper Award Winner - 2020 Ivey ARCS Ph.D. Sustainability Academy Seminar Information Falling Out of Frame: When Firms Benefit from ESG Rating Deviance Abstract Although some research has shown that firms often benefit from being highly rated on social evaluation ratings, recent research has suggested surprising benefits of being rated in […]

Mary-Hunter McDonnell


University of Pennsylvania Seminar paper information to come!