COVID-19 Insights from Business Sustainability

Business sustainability researchers provide insights and solutions for the Covid-19 pandemic and for other natural environmental disasters and stressors. 

This forum brings together business school researchers from multiple professional societies:


Aiming to generate a better understanding of, ideas, and/or solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are cooperating to promote a joint Online Essay/Opinion Forum for management scholars. We are seeking commentary essays discussing: How your current/previous research can help to develop better understanding and solutions for the Covid-19 pandemic and/or more generally for other natural environmental disasters and stressors (750 words max, Word file). Interested authors can reach out to Jorge Rivera,


To find a summary of the preceding articles, please visit the Network for Business Sustainability and read What Business Professors Are Saying about COVID-19.

What Can Corporations Do to Help Navigate the Storm that is COVID-19?
Judith Walls & Steve Walls

Responding to Slow Onset Disasters: The Boiling Frog Syndrome
Jorge Rivera

From Tima’s Desk: Does the Coronavirus Offer Lessons for Climate Change?
Tima Bansal

The COVID-19 Pandemic, Paradox, and Sustainability
Tobias Hahn

How We Respond to COVID-19 Foreshadows Future Life in the Anthropocene
Andrew Hoffman & Dev Jennings

Learning to Carry the Cat by the Tail: What We Know about Business Response to Disasters and How that Relates to the COVID-19 Crisis
Jennifer Oetzel & Chang Hoon Oh

Climate change in the Time of Corona: That’s So 2019…
Jonatan Pinkse

Coronavirus and Global Supply Chain Disruption: A Wake-Up Call for Climate Policy?
Nives Dolsak & Aseem Prakash

Companies vs. Coronavirus: A Call for Rapid Responsible Innovation
Leopoldo Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Ana Castillo, & Ivan Montiel

Understanding COVID-19: A Behavioral Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective
Herman Aguinis

Resilience in Uncertain Times
Martina Linnenluecke

Using Scenario Planning to Prepare for Pandemics 
Nardia Haigh

Good distances make good neighbors: Coordinating self-regulation in the face of our communal crisis 
Michael Barnett

Why Don’t Businesses See This Coming?
Glen Dowell

What is Essential?
Sarah Birrell Ivory

Blood Banking in the Time of Corona 
Juan L Senga and Geoffrey A. Chua

COVID-19 and the destitution of workers in global supply chains
Andrew Crane

Pandemic bonds: The financial cure we need for COVID-19?
Dror Etzion

Privacy In The Age Of A Pandemic
Kirsten Martin

The Socioecological Systems Framework, COVID-19 and Organizations
Pete Tashman

Covid-19, business and faith: An intriguing field of research in (an the practice of) responsible
Fabien Martinez

There’s a Crack in Everything. That’s Where the Light Gets In
Sandra Waddock

Are companies Coronawashing? Ten pieces of evidence
Vera Ferrón Vílchez

Coronavirus will have long-term implications for business leaders. Here are the top five
Ralph Hamann

COVID-19: A Wake Up Call for Collaborative Action Towards a More Sustainable Nigeria 
Paul Appiah-Konadu & Oreva Atanya

COVID-19 crisis: A call for responsible leadership research
Anne S. Tsui

Will a Global Pandemic and Recession Hit the Reset Button for Corporate Governance and Business/Stakeholder Relationships?
Jill Brown

COVID- 19- Could this be the ‘wake-up call’ that we need?
 Shaista Khilji


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