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7th Annual ARCS Research Conference

May 1315, 2015
Hosted by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Ivey/ARCS PhD Sustainability Academy 2014

October 1619, 2014
Hosted by the Ivey Business School at Western University

Registration now open for ARCS 7th Annual Research Conference

As part of ARCS’ mission to foster first-rate research and build the community of scholars in this domain, we hold an annual research conference designed to bring together scholars interested in corporate sustainability strategy and management. The 7th Annual ARCS Research Conference will be hosted by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in…

Trade-offs in the Adoption of Sustainability Standards

The issue of social and environmental sustainability is arguably highly relevant today, as forward-looking, self-interested companies have broadly shown they understand. Adherence to the principles underlying standards to pursue sustainability can, however, deliver unintended consequences. How sustainable is sustainability? Some people might ask this question ironically, drawing attention to the lack of a standard definition…

How Some Businesses Misrepresent Their Environmental Record

By ANDREW CLULEY (Originally reported by WEMU on 1/19/15: 'Brownwashing', as it is called, isn't what one would expect. A University of Michigan studied has identified a new way some businesses misrepresent their environmental track record. The method might come as a surprise. Environmentalists often worry that companies are greenwashing, or overstating their environmentally-friendly practices.…

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