ARCS Focused Workshop Program

The goal of the Focused Workshop Program is to expand and diversify the portfolio of ARCS activities to include smaller events designed to address specific research questions.  There are no restrictions on the workshop format or topic, and we encourage creative proposals. 

To mark our 10th anniversary, ARCS is now accepting proposals for focused workshops designed to advance progress on key sustainability issues. All proposals must be research-oriented and identify specific intended outcomes but are encouraged to involve practitioners as well as academic researchers.

The Focused Workshop Program is modeled on a pilot project entitled “The Role of the Corporation in Sustainability Transitions” that was funded by the Borchard Foundation and held at the Chateau de la Bretesche in Normandy in June 2016. That event brought together a small group of researchers representing 10 ARCS member schools for 3 days of focused reflection. Outcomes of the workshop include the 2019 Best Paper in California Management Review, entitled “CSR Needs CPR: Corporate Sustainability and Politics” and a special issue of Organization and Environment on “The Role of the Corporation in Sustainability Transitions.” The success of the small workshop format encouraged ARCS to create an ongoing program.

Workshop proposers must be individual members of ARCS, and preference will be given to active participants in recent ARCS events. Click here to become a member.

The workshop will be an annual event, with at most one award to be granted each year. The event should be held by August 30, 2019.

Please click here to access the call including examples of potential workshops.

ARCS members contributing to Corporate Sustainability 2.0: Leading Systemic Change.


Proposal Requirements

Application Deadline: October 15, 2018
Please send your proposals to

Maximum Award: $15,000 

Decision Deadline: December 3, 2018

The proposal should include the following and be no more than 10 pages, double-spaced:

  • A clear layout of the rationale for the workshop
  • The approach to be taken
  • The types of participants that will be sought and how many.
  • The workshop budget
  • Any deliverables that will result
  • Strategy for disseminating the workshop’s outcomes


ARCS serves as a vehicle for advancing rigorous academic research on corporate sustainability issues.

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ARCS serves as a vehicle for advancing rigorous academic research on corporate sustainability issues.
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