Ivey/ARCS PhD Sustainability Academy 2012: Theories and Paradigms for Sustainability

Ivey Business School

University in London at Ontario
1255 Western Road
ON N6G 0N1


October 2530, 2012

The Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario will convene the fifth annual PhD Sustainability Academy in London, Ontario October 25 – 30, 2012. Co-sponsored by Ivey and ARCS and funded by the Beryl M. Ivey fund, the event includes paper development workshops, seminars, guest speakers, fireside chats, and field trips. Download the Call for Papers here.

This year’s theme is Theories and Paradigms for Sustainability. We will explore, engage and encourage: the emergence, growth and diffusion of theories for researching and teaching sustainability; past, present and future paradigms for sustainability work in academe and practice; and ways to multi-dimensionalize our thinking and action for a more sustainable world. We will rethink sustainability using multiple lenses, push our understanding about systemic/intractable problems we collectively face, and enrich our theoretical and empirical analyses of individual, organizational, societal and eco-system life.

Browse the PhD Academy website to learn more about this year’s guest faculty: Tima Bansal, Bobby Banerjee, Joshua Margolis and Andy Spicer. Also meet the faculty and alumni for the 2008-2011 ARCS PhD Sustainability Academies.

Full papers are due by August 30th, 2012. All submissions will be evaluated through a double-blind review process. The selection committee includes both ARCS and PhD Sustainability Academy Faculty and Alumni.

The Network for Business Sustainability sponsors a Best Paper Award and a $500 cash prize.

For additional information please contact the Ivey faculty and host, Dr. Oana Branzei.

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