Walking the Talk?

Volkswagen’s “Dieselgate” has intensified the debate on corporate sustainability greenwashing. Although companies have increasingly professionalized their sustainability communication, external stakeholders are also voicing their concerns that there is more “talk” than “walk” in practice. In our recent study, “Walking the Talk“, we explored how Sweden’s largest listed companies communicate and follow up on their sustainability […]

How Corporate Governance Affects Corporate Sustainability and Why It Matters

Most often, corporate governance is thought of as a mechanism put in place to protect shareholder wealth from the claws of opportunistic managers. In this sense, the term corporate governance typically arises alongside phrases such as investor myopia, short-term goals, incentive alignment, financial crisis, and even corporate misconduct and accounting fraud. Nevertheless, corporate governance is […]

Size Matters?

How the business case for CSR can apply to any company, no matter the size. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is largely associated with big companies.  They are more high profile, attract more media attention and are concerned about protecting and enhancing their reputations with the broader public as well as key stakeholders.  They are also […]

Reframing Corporate Sustainability

John W. Maxwell W. George Pinnell Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy Kelley School of Business, Indiana University One of the most famous frames related to corporate sustainability is the triple bottom line. The triple bottom line separates the way we think about business into three broad areas: economic, social and environmental. This frame […]

Can the World Run on Renewable Energy?

From the April, 2015 Special Report: Making the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy, published by Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL) and Knowledge@Wharton WITHOUT DOUBT, RENEWABLE ENERGY IS ON A ROLL. Denmark is producing 43% of its energy from renewables, and it aims for 70% by 2020. Germany, at more than 25% now and 30% […]

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