Sustainability at the Academy of Management Conference 2017: Conspicuous silence on the role of the current political context for business

Back in the days, when I was a PhD student, the SIM Division (Social Issues in Management) of the Academy of Management was the one important Division to join if you had an interest in corporate social responsibility, environmental challenges or ethical issues related to business. This was the only Division where fundamental questions of […]

Who Cares About the Science?

During the summer I gave a lecture on how Swedish companies work with sustainability. I was in the United States presenting to a group of relatively educated and international business people, many of them having a Swedish background. For the first time I met with climate change deniers and it was somewhat of a shock […]

Reflections on the ARCS Leadership Transition

I am honored to take over the Presidency of ARCS from Magali Delmas, who has done an outstanding job over the past three years. Under her leadership we have hosted three great conferences, including our first ever venture outside of North America. In fact, the Ninth Annual ARCS Research Conference was just held at the Rotterdam […]

Business vs. Trump: How CEOS Can Make a Difference

Business leaders have been scathing of Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris accord, but can they keep the U.S. in step with the rest of the world? In an article earlier this year, I suggested business leaders had a responsibility to speak out against political decisions that threatened their organisation’s commitment to better […]

Trump Puts Business Values to the Test

CEOs have stood up to oppose Trump’s immigration ban, will they show the same commitment to the environment? Environmental regulations make common sense. Laws which ensure sustainable development, taking into consideration the needs of both present and future generations, bring benefits not only to the environment but to the economy as a whole. With recent […]

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