There Are No Easy Answers for Our Biggest Global Problems

If ever there was a time to remind us of the futility of magical thinking, this is it.  In real time, we watched the hopeful promise of easy solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic evaporate when confronted by unforgiving reality. Thinking the virus will “just go away” didn’t work, nor did a travel ban, warm weather, […]

Why do companies as diverse as oil producers and retailers enter moral markets?

What do Tesla and British Petroleum have in common? And how are Walmart and Patagonia similar? On most dimensions, these pairs of firms have little in common with one another—Tesla is widely recognized as a pioneering sustainability company while BP has long been a target of environmental activism. Yet both companies have had a strong […]

“Disabled” by COVID19?

“We are all disabled now”[i] is a phrase and headline that most of us will have heard during the current pandemic. Many non-disabled social media influencers, radio hosts, TV presenters and members of the general public now consider themselves, and many like them, “disabled” as the daily struggle with self-isolation and social distancing makes work […]

Collaborating in a Pandemic: Coordination through Adaption and Information Sharing

The COVID-19 pandemic and our response to it has changed the way we work together, threatening the sustainability and utility of organizations by disrupting work processes related to collaboration, information sharing, and technology. The work that organizations do and the outcomes they offer to the market ultimately depend on people working together, whether in formal […]

Sustainable Finance in Corona Times

While we see exciting developments in sustainable finance – e.g., the increasing amounts of sustainable investments – the world is currently facing an unprecedented crisis. At the time of writing, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causing the Covid-19-pandemic has resulted in global gridlock with untold health, economic and social effects. The real economy […]

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