COVID–19: I saw it coming and was vilified for taking it serious!

The priority of any serious nation is public health, education, economics and security (in that order). Not the other way round. My appreciation of how global health crises and international business reinforce each other and impinge on socioeconomic life is filtered through the lens of my fieldwork experience in the “West” and in the “global […]

The Power of Social Entrepreneurship in the Face of Urgent Grand Societal Challenges

COVID-19 is one of the most urgent, intractable, grand societal challenges of our time. While posing enormous challenges to the entire globe, the virus has also unleashed the desire to “do good” through organized efforts to help those suffering. As a result, it could be argued, now more than ever, the time is ripe for […]

Lifting the Mask of Materiality

The Pandemic Calls for Integrated Solutions During this pandemic some businesses are doing better than others with how they are responding to and managing their social and financial performance. Ashim Paun, Co-Head for ESG Research at HSBC stated that “when crises like COVID-19 manifest, particularly with social and environmental causes and implications, investors can see […]

Exposure, Black Swans, and Real Options

Society has been susceptible to man-made and natural catastrophic events since the beginning of time.  A few of the more notable natural disasters include the Antioch earthquake of AD 526, the 1881 Haiphong typhoon, and the more recent 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.[1] Man-made disasters include the great depression, the great credit crisis of […]

Covid19 and International Business: A Viewpoint

While the world might recover from the Wuhan, China-based 2020 novel coronavirus, it is likely that the virus will leave the world governance system in a different state.  Globalization as we knew it is over and a new world order will emerge, with dramatic consequences to our field. Globalization involves the movement of people, information, […]

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