Do Startups and Incumbents Differ on Reasons for Entering Into Green Industries?

Scholars and policy makers have long posited that new industries that produce environmentally beneficial products are a critical component of environmental sustainability. New firms may foster products and services that enable environmentally friendly practices, while existing firms may shift their product lines in response. Yet, we know little about the drivers for entry into emerging […]

Report from the 2014 IVEY/ARCS PhD Sustainability Academy

I was really thrilled to participate in the 7th IVEY/ARCS PhD Sustainability Academy held in October, organized by Professor Oana Branzei from the Ivey School of Business. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the research of a very diverse group of 14 talented students representing 8 different countries. I really enjoyed discussing this […]

Do Investors Care About Green Ratings?

Environmental information disclosure and environmental transparency programs seem virtually ubiquitous in the business world. Consumers, employees, investors, activists, regulators, and the general public regularly encounter product-level hazard warnings, read eco-labels, hear about firms’ carbon emissions, and listen to the media debate the latest NGO-sponsored green company rankings. The programs that produce this environmental information may […]

Activist Targeting and Corporate Receptivity to Social Challenges

A firm’s public image is one of its most valuable assets, and in a world where signs of social responsibility are increasingly demanded by consumers and other stakeholders, firms must take care to protect their public image from claims of social irresponsibility. Social activists may therefore capture a corporation’s attention (and, often, a concession) by […]

Corporate Sustainability is Not Sustainable

Green initiatives are ubiquitous these days, implemented with zeal at companies like Dupont, IBM, Walmart, and Walt Disney. The programs being rolled out — lighting retrofits, zero-waste factories, and carpool incentives — save money and provide a green glow. Most large companies are working to reduce energy use and waste, and many have integrated sustainability […]

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