Aligning Corporate Lobbying with Climate Science

With the 2020 hurricane season shaping up to be the most active season on record and triple digit temperatures exacerbating the West Coast’s wildfire season, burning 2.5 million acres in California alone, climate change is increasingly taking a toll on both our communities and our economy. Against this backdrop, a growing consensus is emerging among […]

Despite What You’ve Heard, Americans Support Wearing Masks and other Efforts to Reduce Exposure to COVID-19

Sensational stories of conflict around policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic are plentiful, but recent research suggests these controversies may not represent the attitudes and behaviors of most individuals across the U.S.  Recently released survey data reveals stark differences between the behaviors and beliefs of residents across U.S. states, but also shows that Americans are generally compliant and supportive of actions their […]

What Business Professors Are Saying about COVID-19

This post highlights the contributions made in blogs by professors from over 50 business schools, applying their many years of research to the COVID-19 challenge. Tima Bansal is a professor at the Ivey Business School. The day before our university closed down, my MBA students debated the price that the company that discovers the COVID-19 vaccine should charge. […]

Should the federal government invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure?

The transportation sector is now the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. By displacing gasoline and diesel fuels, electric vehicles (EV) offer important public health benefits from reduced air pollution and tailpipe emissions. One fundamental barrier to EV adoption is consumer confidence in the availability of public charging points. Public charging […]

Eco-Audits during Covid-19 Retain Credibility, Exacerbate Inequities

COVID-19 has significantly disrupted global economic output and transnational supply chains. While the direct impacts on production and trade are widely discussed, less attention has been given to the impacts on other practices that ensure the functioning of global markets.  One example of such practices are private regulatory efforts that over the past three decades have emerged in response to environmental and ethical concerns with practices in global production processes […]

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