Starbucks’ “Race Together” Campaign and the Upside of CEO Activism

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has faced intense criticism for asking his baristas to engage customers in a discussion about race in America. But this kind of “CEO activism” is actually a step forward for corporate involvement in the public square. As researchers who study the intersection between business and public policy, we’ve noticed the rise […]

Corporate Transparency

Firms are under increasing pressure to be transparent along a host of dimensions.  Mandatory information disclosure programs abound, forcing firms to disclose the caloric content of foods they sell, the chemicals they use and emit, and of course, a host of financial information.  Meanwhile, ‘voluntary’ information disclosure efforts are growing as well, as a multitude […]

Do Startups and Incumbents Differ on Reasons for Entering Into Green Industries?

Scholars and policy makers have long posited that new industries that produce environmentally beneficial products are a critical component of environmental sustainability. New firms may foster products and services that enable environmentally friendly practices, while existing firms may shift their product lines in response. Yet, we know little about the drivers for entry into emerging […]

Report from the 2014 IVEY/ARCS PhD Sustainability Academy

I was really thrilled to participate in the 7th IVEY/ARCS PhD Sustainability Academy held in October, organized by Professor Oana Branzei from the Ivey School of Business. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the research of a very diverse group of 14 talented students representing 8 different countries. I really enjoyed discussing this […]

Do Investors Care About Green Ratings?

Environmental information disclosure and environmental transparency programs seem virtually ubiquitous in the business world. Consumers, employees, investors, activists, regulators, and the general public regularly encounter product-level hazard warnings, read eco-labels, hear about firms’ carbon emissions, and listen to the media debate the latest NGO-sponsored green company rankings. The programs that produce this environmental information may […]

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