Big Investors Call for Company Attention to Social Purpose: What Next?

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s pro-CSR stance needs clarity and muscle. “To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society. Companies must benefit all of their stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, and the communities in which they operate.” – Larry Fink, CEO […]

Who’s Responsible? The Ethics of the Sharing Economy

Should the responsibilities of “sharing economy” giants like Uber and airbnb, differ from those of traditional companies? In July 2016, a West Hollywood rape victim sued Uber Technologies over allegations the ride-hailing company—which pitches itself as “the safest ride on the road”—had been negligent in conducting background checks of its drivers. It was not the […]

What Makes Public Disclosure Effective? The Case of Fracking Disclosure in Canada

We recently published a report on “The Effectiveness of Fracking Disclosure Regimes in Canada.” Our research was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada as part of its Imagining Canada’s Future Initiative. Overall, our research had three phases. First, we searched prior studies to identify factors which have been shown to […]

Can Companies Pay Less By Doing Good?

Based on “Social Responsibility Messages and Worker Wage Requirements: Field Experimental Evidence from Online Labor Marketplaces,” forthcoming, Organization Science. Companies continue to invest in and place importance on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Yet the question remains, how can firms “do well by doing good”? What are the mechanisms through which CSR influences firm performance? Though […]

3 Ways to Fix E-Waste Regulations

By Işıl Alev, Atalay Atasu, Özlem Ergun, Luyi Gui, Natalie Huang and L. Beril Toktay Last month municipal leaders from across New York told lawmakers during a special hearing that the state’s 2010 electronic waste recycling law is flawed. The law requires electronics manufacturers to fund and manage take-back programs for collecting and recycling e-waste […]

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