Pricing Carbon: An Exchange of Ideas

An Exchange of Ideas from ARCS President Thomas Lyon and ARCS Board Member Michael Lenox   On the Importance of Pricing Carbon Thomas Lyon Economists are famous for their contentiousness.  One of the ever-popular jokes about economists asks “What happens if you put 10 economists in a room?” Answer: “You get 11 opinions.”  Yet there […]

Voluntary Versus Mandatory Corporate Responsibility  System change will soon become the dominant issue in the corporate responsibility field and $23 trillion Sustainable/Responsible Investing (SRI) market. Flawed economic and political systems compel all companies to degrade the environment and society. These systems are the root causes of the major environmental, social and economic problems addressed by the UN Sustainable Development […]

Thinking ahead: AI and automating corporate ethics

The digital revolution has brought in a new dimension to the challenge of ensuring responsible behaviour The issue of corporate ethics is never far from the business media headlines. Take the troubles embroiling former Nissan chair Carlos Ghosn, or the accounting problems at Patisserie Valerie in the UK, to name just two recent examples. Despite […]

The year of corporate acting—does business need a new approach to palm oil?

2018 went down as the ‘year of corporate caring’ about the palm oil controversy.  A banned TV advertisement promoting a Palm Oil free Christmas by the UK supermarket Iceland went viral on social media with over 5 million views in merely a couple of weeks.  Shortly after, on the south bank in London, Iceland responded […]

How to Increase Public support for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

An important source of public support for environmental regulation are evidences of the harms caused by the inadequacy of regulation.  Expansions of environment regulation have typically been driven by crises or highly visible policy failures, such as oil spills, smog, cancer clusters, and the deterioration of scenic beauty or valued ecosystems. Even when such risks […]

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