Covid-19, business and faith: An intriguing field for research in (and the practice of) responsible

The worldwide spread of the Covid-19 infection has no precedent in the modern world as a health crisis that calls upon the extraordinary and immediate unity of all constituents of our society. Often seen as a utopia in contemporary society, unity must now concretely permeate our daily lives. While doubts are raised about the effectiveness […]

The Socioecological Systems Framework, COVID-19 and Organizations

COVID-19 is certainly a massive ecological shock to humanity, and in the most dire scenarios, it could lead to collapsing social systems in vulnerably communities and polities. How will we as organizational scholars make sense of COVID-19 scenarios and the role that organizations play in driving them? In my view, the pandemic and other looming […]

Privacy In The Age Of A Pandemic

If we are going to end social distancing, we will need to find a way to know who has COVID-19 and where they are.  Temperature and symptom tracking, testing, and contact tracing are regularly mentioned as a part of long-term solutions.[1]  This is a lot of data about individuals that will be tracked and reported […]

Pandemic bonds: The financial cure we need for COVID-19?

Countries around the world are taking unprecedented action to stem financial collapse due to COVID-19. Governments are acting as insurers of last resort, providing liquidity to both individuals and corporations in dire straits. In these perilous times, the insurance sector itself will also be paying out claims, whether it’s to people who have experienced damage to life […]

COVID-19 and the destitution of workers in global supply chains

Our lives are being rapidly and fundamentally reshaped by COVID-19. Waking up to the new normal of staying home, keeping our distance, and working and socializing almost entirely virtually takes some getting used to.  But let’s not make any mistake. We are among the lucky ones. Most of the people reading this will have a […]

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